• Diana Tamez-Walters of We Organize It has brought her professional expertise to several areas of our home. In my personal cost-benefit analysis, the money spent reaps a significant return. The reason is that Diana implements organizational systems that are tailored to your family’s individual needs and realistic for your ability to maintain order.

    In other words, even if you tend to be messy, Diana’s systems will still be functional and make your life so much easier. Our home office is an example: I do my freelance work there; my husband does the family paperwork there and occasionally works from home. Sometimes under time pressure, we let our desks get cluttered and toss things on the floor. But when we can’t tolerate it any longer, Diana’s filing system and the organization of desks and other surfaces in the office allow us to get it back in shape in no time. I can work so much more efficiently with an orderly desktop. And my husband was thrilled when he was able to immediately put his hands on a household manual he needed.

    One level below in the kitchen, the organization of my pantry cabinet and my storage cabinet are amazing. Diana’s creative solutions are steps that I never would have thought of taking. I can see what’s in my pantry cabinet so easily now, so I won’t buy grocery items that I don’t need. For someone who spends so much time each week cooking family dinners, this is a stress reducer and money saver. And with the space for my vacuum and other cleaning equipment in my storage closet, it is much less of a hassle to do a quick vacuum or steam mop.

    Diana organized our recreation room storage shelves when my daughter was in elementary school. Now she’s in high school, and that setup is still making it easier to keep that room neat.

    Diana’s demeanor is professional, gentle, quiet and encouraging. Never will you feel pushed or overwhelmed. Each session will end with an enormous feeling of satisfaction.

    RWG, Arlington VA

  • As a working mom, investing in Diana has saved me hours upon hours of searching for “stuff”. My home is organized and each member of our family knows where to find all that we need.

    Before working with Diana, I found myself searching endlessly for items resulting in frustration and angst. Now, I have a system at home that works for me and my family.

    The 3 most significant improvements thanks to working with you.

    1) Save time and more time with family or high priority work projects
    2) Less frustration
    3) Clear mind

    Adrien Cotton, Alexandria VA

  • You eliminated so much unnecessary clutter from my house that I can think much clearer.You are better than a shrink.

    Entrepreneur, Alexandria VA

  • Getting the house organized was like a cleansing of the soul. I’ve noticed a change in the family — everyone is happier. We Organize It has also had an effect on the children — they behave better in an organized home.

    Mom of two kids & Entrepreneur, Arlington VA

  • I was so motivated after our first session that I continued to work on my own for 2 hours after you left. I can’t wait until you see the progress that I’ve made.

    Entrepreneur, Alexandria, VA

  • I love your energy and your approach to organizing.

    Mom of two kids and entrepreneur, Washington DC

  • We stopped using that section of the house because of all the junk that had accumulated. By eliminating a lot of the unused clutter and rearranging the furniture, you created a great space for the kids to play and for me to have a home office.”

    Working professional & mom of 3 kids, Laredo TX

  • Lo and behold the IRS decided to audit us for our 2004 taxes. The audit was a breeze thanks to the work We Organize It had completed months before we received the letter. Diana sorted, purged and filed through boxes and boxes of paperwork. We had everything we needed at our fingertips when the IRS letter arrived. Thank you for saving us money, time, and headaches.”

    IRS audited working dad, Arlington VA


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